OWA 2010 Open Another Users Mailbox

With Exchange 2003, you couldn't open another user's mailbox from OWA. With Exchange 2007, you could -- but it opened in a new IE window and you couldn't select the mailbox from the Global Address List (GAL). With Exchange 2010, you can select a mailbox to open from the GAL, and it "nests" into the left pane along with your default mailbox. OWA also remembers which mailboxes you opened and displays them when you log on the next time.

**Note** If you do not have permission to open the user's mailbox you will receive an error.


1. Right-Click on your Name in the Mail view.
2. Select Open Other User's Inbox.


1. Click Name to open the GAL (Global Address List)

**Note** You may also type the name anc click OK.


1. Enter the name in the search field.
2. Double-click on the name you want.
3. Ensure the name now appears in the Name: field.
4. Click OK.


The mailbox will now appear under your mail folders.

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