Move WorldShip to a New Computer

When required to move Worldship to a new system follow the steps below.

  1.  Perform an End of Day
  2. Open the UPS WorldShip Support Utility
  3. Double-Click on Data Maintenance
  4. Select the Backup option.
  5. Once the backup is finished exit the utility.
  6. Open Windows Explorer
  7. Navigate to the UPS\WSTD folder (C:\UPS or C:\Program Files\UPS.
  8. Copy the DBSupport folder to a flash drive.
  9. Install WorldShip on the new computer.
  10. Open the UPS WorldShip Support Utility
  11. Double-Click on Data Maintenance
  12. Select the Restore option.
  13. Navigate to the backup folder on the flash drive and restore the data.
  14. Start WorldShip and enter the company data.
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