Reading Encrypted Email for the First Time

To protect consumer data and comply with improved best practice standards, all email communication you receive from us containing personally identifiable financial information takes advantage of ZixCorp’s encryption services. ZixCorp's easy-to-use e-messaging protection makes it easy for you to receive, read and reply to all our encrypted communications - whether you are a ZixCorp customer or not.

The privacy of business communication is important to us and we want to ensure your information stays private.

At some point you will receive an encrypted email from Payroll Data. Encrypted email is used to protect sensitive client and employee data from possible interception during the sending of email.

Please follow the steps below to gain access to the encrypted email.


This is the message you will receive when you have a new message that has been encrypted.

The first thing you need to do is open the "SecureMessage.html" attachment. Depending on your mail client you can either double-click or right-click and open. This will launch a web browser.


This next step shows what you should see in your broswer when you open the SecureMessage.html attachment. To create the account click the "click here" link.


At this point enter a password 2 times. Your email address is automatically entered and should not be changed. Once you have entered your password click "Registed Password" to finish.


Once you click the "Register Password" an email will be sent requesting your verification.


The verification email will contain a link that must be followed to activate your account.



You can now re-open the "SecureMessage.html" attachment, enter your password and read your Secure Email.


Please note the address is from not

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