Outlook Disconnected from Exchange

There are times when Outlook can become disconnected from the Exchange server and despite restarting the application it will refuse to connect. You may not have an option to reconnect within Outlook itself.


The instructions below presume that the Exchange server is online, the database is mounted and you are able to connect to your mailbox via Outlook Web Access or your phone still has a connection to the mailbox server.
This can be accomplished by the following.

1. Ctrl-Right-Click on the Mail icon in the system tray and select Connection Status.
2. In the Outlook Connection Status window click the Reconnect button.
3. Outlook should now reconnect.

Screenshots below.



Outlook is disconnected from the server and restarting the application does not help.

Mail Icon


1. Ctrl-Right-Click the Mail icon in the system tray.
2. Select Connection Status...

Connection Status Window


Click the Reconnect button. This will reestablish the mailbox server connection.

Exchange Connected


When properly connected to exchange you will see the message above.

The various versions are:
1. Outlook 2007
2. Outlook 2010
3. Outlook 2013

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