Open Additional Mailbox in Outlook 2010

There are times when you require regular access to another mailbox. This is typically used in a support scenario. The following instructions will show you the steps necessary.

You must be assigned appropriate permissions for this procedure to work properly.

Open Account Settings


With Outlook open.
1. Click File
2. Click Account Settings
3. Click Account Settings

Account Settings


On the E-mail tab Double-Click "Exchange Server".

Change E-mail Account - Advanced


Click the More Settings button.

Add Mailbox


1. Select the Advanced Tab
2. Click the Add button.
3. Enter the Mailbox name.
4. Click OK.

Additional Mailbox


The mailbox is now part of your account. Click OK.

Exit Account Settings

1. Click OK to close the Microsoft Exchange window.
2. Click Next in the Change E-mail Account window.
3. Click Finish to go back to the Account Settings window.
4. Click Close to resume Outlook.

Mailbox Added


The mailbox is now added to your Outlook profle. Click on the + to expand the mailbox and open the Inbox to view email.

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