Configure POP3 Account on iPhone

You may want to read email on your iPhone for your basic Exchange mailbox at some point in time. Use these instructions to set up the account. This will allow you access to only your email... not contacts and calendar.

1. Open Settings
2. Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars
3. Select Add Account...
4. Select Other.
5. Select Add Mail Account
6. Enter your Name
7. Enter your email Address
8. Enter your Password
9. Enter a Description (mailhost123)
10. Click Next.
11. Select POP
12. Scroll to Incoming Mail Server.
a. Host Name:
b. User Name: your email address
c. Password: your password
13. Scroll to Outgoing Mail Sever.
a. Host Name:
b. User Name: your email address
c. Password: your password
14. Click Save.
15. You may see a popup asking if you would like to setup the account without SSL. Select Yes. It may pop up a second time. Again select Yes.
16. It may take some time but the account should finally verify.

Once the account is verified you can view emails through the Mail icon and selecting the mailhost123 account.

Please see below for a more visual guide to creating the account on your iPhone.

Open Settings



Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars



Select Add Account



Select Other



Select Add Mail Account



Enter Account Details


Name: your name
Address: your email address
Password: your email password
Description: mailhost123

Account Mail Server Details


Enter the following information.

Incoming Mail Server.
a. Host Name:
b. User Name: your email address
c. Password: your password

Outgoing Mail Sever.
a. Host Name:
b. User Name: your email address
c. Password: your password

Click Save.

Verifying Account


You will see the above message. Select Yes. This message may appear several times. It may take a few minutes but the account will verify and be added to the phone.

At this point you may open the account from the Mail icon on the iPhone.

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