Configure BlackBerry Internet Service

The BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) allows you to receive only emails on your BlackBerry phone. This is a less expensive alternative to the BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) the most people think about concerning the BlackBerry and Microsoft Exchange.

You will need to have a BEIS account from your cell phone carrier to perform the steps below.

Verizon -
Sprint -
AT&T -
US Cellular -

Outlook Web Access (Exchange account)


Select Add an Existing email account, enter the desired information into the above fields then click Next.
1. Email Address
2. Email Password

More Information


If the above screen appears click the provide additional settings link.

Additional Settings


Select Microsoft Exchange and enter the appropriate information into the following fields. Click Next.
1. Email address
2. Email password
3. Web Access URL -
4. Username - Enter your email address.
5. Mailbox name - Leave Blank



Click the desired option - Finish or Add Another Account.

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