Change Default Contact List

You may not want the contacts from the company address list to appear when viewing the address book when creating new emails.  This is remedied by changing the default Address List.  Follow the directions below.


Ensure your contacts folder is visible in the Address Book.


  1.  View the properties for the contacts by (1) Right-Clicking on the contact folder and selecting (2) properties.


  2. Ensure the "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book" box is checked and click OK.


Change the Default Contact List for the Address Book

  1. Open the Address Book.  Click on Tools and select Address Book.


  2. Select the Address Book Options.


  3. Select your personal Contacts in the "Show this address list first:" drop down bar.


  4. Click OK to finish.

Your contacts will now appear first when you view the address book.





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