Outlook 2003 for Windows XP

This article will give you the information necessary for Outlook 2003 to connect to the Exchange server.  Outlook Anywhere allows you to connect to our Exchange server without the need for VPN.  Outlook Anywhere requires that you must be using either Windows XP service pack 2 or Windows Vista.  Windows 2000 is not supported.  Please visit to install any required updates before you continue.

Once you have downloaded and installed Outlook 2003 you are ready to begin configuration.

  1. If this is a new installation start once you start Outlook you will see the startup dialog, click Next.

  2.  Select Yes to configure an E-mail account and click Next.


  3.  Select Microsoft Exchange Server and click Next.


  4.  In the Microsoft Exchange Settings dialog box enter the following;
    1. Microsoft Exchange Server: mbox-01.hosted.local.
    2. Ensure Use Cached Exchange Mode is checked.
    3. User Name: your email address (*** Do not click Check Name ***).
    4. Click the More Settings... button.
  5. When you click the More Settings button an error will appear.  *This is due to Outlook not yet having the proper information to connect to the mailhost123 Exchange server at this point.  This is expected.  Click OK.


  6. The next dialog is part of the error in step 6.  Click Cancel.


  7. In the Microsoft Exchange dialog click the Connection tab. 
    1. Check the Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP box and click the Exchange Proxy Settings... button.

  8. In the Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings dialog check all boxes and enter the following;
    1. Exchange Proxy Server address:
    2. Exchange Principal Name:
    3. Select Basic Authentication from the dropdown box.
    4. Click OK.

  9. Click OK to close the Microsoft Exchange dialog from step 8. 
  10. You will receive a pop-up instructing you to restart Outlook.  Click OK.
  11. At this point you should have returned to the Add-New E-Mail Account dialog box.  Click Next.
  12. You will then be asked to enter your user credentials.  Enter your E-mail address and password.


  13. Once you have finished the Outlook 2007 configuration and logged into Outlook you will receive an Autodiscover pop-up.  It will ask if you want to allow the server settings and inform you that you have been redirected to the Autodiscover URL.  Check the Don't ask me about this website again box and click Allow.  Failure to do this will result in the pop-up returning until the box is checked.



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