Configure SPF for e-mail anti-spam.

SPF (Sender Protection Framework) is an anti-forgery solution for email. This record combats possible forged return addresses which makes it easier to identify 'spoofed' emails. An SPF record is a one-line entry in your DNS record that indicates which mail servers are permitted to send email with a given from address. SPF is an attempt to counter email address spoofing, in which a sender uses someone else's e-mail address as the apparent sender of an e-mail.

Think of it as caller ID for email and we are able to reject emails from people that are not authentic.

How SPF Works:

When a user sends mail to you, an email server that belongs to their domain connects to the mailhost123 Exchange server. The senders domain uses SPF to publish the addresses of its email servers. When the message comes in, the mailhost123 Exchange server can tell if the server on the other end of the connection belongs to the legitimate sender or not.

SPF works by domains publishing 'reverse MX' records to tell the world what machines send mail from the domain.  When receiving a message from a domain, the recipient can check those records to make sure mail is coming from where it should be coming from. With SPF, those 'reverse MX' records are easy to publish: one line in your DNS entries is all it takes.

To set up an SPF record.

For every domain from which you send email a DNS TXT record will need to be created.  If you do not know who manages your DNS settings please contact us and we will assist you.

Enter the following into a new TXT record

v=spf1 mx ip4: ip4: ip4: -all

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